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Let's be real, marriage takes work. We spend our time worrying over the issues in our relationship instead of finding the true beauty and fulfillment we expected from marriage when we first said our "I do's".


So, what can be done? How can a woman become sure of herself and her passions while living a life for others - her husband and children?


Coach Anita will guide you through a journey of a complete mindset shift and mastering the Art of a Wise Wife. This masterclass will not be just an ordinary class setting, Anita will share her expertise and empower you every step of the way. Whether you are married, engaged, single and preparing yourself to be found, this masterclass is for you!

You will be challenged to "do the work" to manifest real results in your personal life and marriage. 

You will learn:

  • The Art of Pursuing Your Dreams as well as Family Goals

  • The Art of Developing Total Life Balance 

  • The Art of Getting Past the Rough Patches 

  • The Art of Tapping into Your Inner Seductress Treasure to Please Your Husband

  • The Art of Helping Your Husband Succeed

  • The Art of Creating a Happy Marriage

Duration: 3 Hours Total  

Number of attendees per Class:  6-20

Cost per Person: $57 - The Art of a Wise Wife Workbook Included

Where: Virtual /Online Private Interactive Group or In-Person (Northwest Florida) 

Grab your girlfriends, family, ministry group, small business team and schedule your masterclass 

“It was a great session that was very informative as well as beneficial to me to help me focus on my total being. I also like that we did a vision chart to help me organize in every area of my life, such as finance, health and home life. Anita is a very good coach that presented the materials.”
~ Annette J. 

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Pay for Group: Please Pay and send email to with your email you paid with and each attendee's name and email address. 

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Pay Individually: $57 Per Person. Please Pay and  send email to with your name, your email you paid with and provide us with your best contact email address.

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