Who Am I?

I was born and raised in the heart of Binghamton known as the “hood” and ranked one of the most dangerous areas in the city of Memphis, TN during my childhood years.

I am an overcomer of many adversities: being a victim of a brutal attack at the age of 12 by a high school senior male I did not know, self esteem crisis, overcomer of daily panic attacks and anxiety naturally, overcomer of spiritual, relationships and financial adversities to name a few.

I am a life strategist, marriage and freedom coach. I received certifications in life coaching, transformational coaching, master relationship coaching and business coaching. I am naturally and spiritually gifted in nurturing women in their christian walk, self care, relationships and out of brokenness.

I recently launched Wife Mom Journey, a platform helping generation-x and millennial wives and mothers, overcome adversities, vision build and slay personal and business goals while taking care of home through valuable tools and biblical principles. Inner Me Life Coaching with Anita, Program.


I successfully launched HOT Marriage Club, an organization empowering couples to build fulfilled lives and marriages.  

HOT Marriage Club’s Motto: “Live Your Life. Love Your Marriage.”


I’ve been a featured Inspirational speaker at numerous churches and conferences, podcasts and interviews sharing my messages of hope.

I value quality over quantity, simplicity, peace and happiness. 


I love God (The Most High). I am married (26 years) to an awesome man. Through our union, I’m a Mother of 3 wonderful adults (2 daughters, 1 son) and stepmom of 2 eldest sons.


I currently reside in two states: TN and on the beach in beautiful Florida.  

Fun Facts: Michelle Obama is my mentor, I love music (gospel, jazz, old school), I love helping others, I love the beach, I love shelling and I love creating family memories.  


Who am I? I am Anita Powell

Are you ready to unlock your potential and create the life of your desires? 

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