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Who am I?

I was born to R.D. and Becky; two perfectly imperfect parents whom never lived together, but managed to work as a team to raise an amazing daughter (wink). I was raised in the heart of Binghampton; a well known hood in TN. 

I am an overcomer of many adversities: overcomer of various abuse, self esteem crisis, anxiety, and spiritual, relationships, and financial adversities.

I am a life strategist, marriage, and freedom coach. I received certifications in life coaching, transformational coaching, master relationship coaching, and business coaching from UC Institute. I am naturally gifted in nurturing women in their Christian walk, self care, relationships, and out of brokenness.

My Platforms:

I am the creator of Wife Mom Journey, a platform helping generation-x and millennial wives and mothers overcome adversities, vision build, and slay personal and business goals while taking care of home through valuable tools and biblical principles. Inner Me Life Coaching with Anita.


I am founder and creator of  HOT Marriage Club, an organization empowering couples to build fulfilled lives and marriages.  

HOT Marriage Club’s Motto: “Live Your Life. Love Your Marriage.”

I’ve been a featured Inspirational speaker at numerous churches and conferences, podcasts, and interviews sharing my message of hope.

I value quality over quantity, simplicity, peace, and happiness. 

I love God (The Most High). I am a wife of 30 years to an awesome man. Through our union, I’m a mother of three amazing adults; two daughters and one son.


I currently reside in TN and FL.  

Fun Facts:

I love me-time

I love learning and reading books. 

I love good times with my inner circle. 

I love music; gospel, jazz, old school. 

I love helping others.

I love the beach.

I love sea shelling.

I love creating self-care products.

I love creating family memories.  

Who am I? I am Anita Powell

Are you ready to unlock your potential and create the life of your desires? 

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