Helping Copes Build Healthy Marriages

Team Powell

James and Anita were married in 1993 and are the founders of HOT Marriage Club™. HOT stands for (H)ealthy, (O)rganized and (T)hriving. James is a licensed and ordained Pastor, christian marriage counselor, and mentor. Anita is a Certified life and master relationship coach, inspirational speaker, mentor, and owner and natural skincare formulator of NiNi Natural Roots.


Together they are vision builders and help others build fulfilled lives and marriages. Their services are provided through private individual coaching, couples coaching or counseling, workshops, classes, speaking events and marriage enhancement retreats. 

They don't just serve their clients, they've been there and done that! Their marriage hasn’t always been H.O.T. James and Anita know exactly what it is like to experience hurt, setbacks, other parent drama, marriage separations, instability, money mismanagement, lack of communication and so much more, but they chose to create the marriage of their desires and embrace the lessons from their past. Their marriage survived everything that was intended to destroy it and as transformational marriage coaches, they provide a Real Plan of Action to help couples thrive in life and marriage!

Parent Life: James has two eldest sons and through their union, they are parents of two daughters and one son.

"Real Couples. Real Issues. Real Solutions."

Using their own life experiences, research and professional studies, their main coaching topics are:

♥    Communication

♥    Intimate with God

♥    Loving Yourself, Loving Your Spouse

♥    Intimacy In Marriage

♥    Self Check/Evaluation 

♥    Setting & Accomplishing Personal Goals

♥    Self Care

♥    Conflict and Problem Solving 
♥    Blended Families

♥    Mom & Stepmom Conflict Resolutions
♥    Sexual Intimacy In Marriage
♥    Infidelity and Healing
♥    Marriage and Money Management
♥    Personality Differences
♥    Work/Life Balance
♥    Personal Interest and Expectations
♥    Relationship Goals and Manifestation




Live Your Life.

Love Your Marriage.

~ Team Powell ~

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