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Marriage Advice

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Welcome to Our Marriage Advice Blog!

Hello World! I am Anita Powell, Certified Master Relationship Coach and founder of HOT Marriage Club™. I am super excited to start sharing what we know (my husband and I) about marriage and ways to maintain a healthy marriage with you. Be sure to follow this blog and visit our website often.

As we know marriage is a covenant made the moment you say “I do” and the enemy don’t like it. Marriage sets the foundation for a family and this is why marriages are targeted the most. Children are impacted by the status of a marriage, whether it’s a healthy marriage or terrible marriage. Have you noticed children that are raised in a home with both parents living in a stable and healthy environment seem to be more successful as young adults? Not all children turn out like this, but most. This is because when children are in a stable home with less drama, children are able to function better in school and tend to be less stressed. Unlike an unstable home with a lot of drama, children are stressed, tend to have behavioral problems and trouble in school.

So, here you will find marriage advice on various topics such as:

Marriage and Finance






Health and Wellness

Work/Life Balance



Blended Families /Child Support/The Other Parent

Sex and Romance

Spiritual Connection

And so much more!

This Blog is for married couples, engaged couples and singles preparing themselves for marriage. We promote marriage between man and woman. We give marital advice from a natural and spiritual point of view. This is real! We work with real people dealing with real life issues and we help provide real solutions. Stay Connected!

****All content, signature style, images, and design belong to HOT Marriage Club™ and may not be used. Reproduction is strictly prohibited without written permission.****

Joy and Blessings,

Anita Powell

Life and Marriage Coach | Speaker

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