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7 Tips to Create a More Loving Marriage

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

No one ever said that marriage is easy, but the good news is that if you stay proactive, you can build a loving marriage no matter how many years you've been together.

Here are 7 tips to create a more loving marriage:

1.) Go Out of Your Way

Do something special out of the blue for your spouse and your spouse will see that you really care.

2.) Do Activities Your Spouse Want to Do

Making sacrifices to do something you're not too thrilled about, will make your spouse feel loved to know you're doing something because you love them.

3.) Consider Your Spouse's Needs

Avoid patterns and restricted comfort zones. Don't forget about the needs and desires of your spouse. If your spouse love being hugged/embraced, give them more hugs.

4.) Add More Fun into the Relationship

Try doing things you both enjoy. It doesn't have to be anything big, just try to find something simple, yet exciting.

5.) Show Gratitude

Your spouse needs to know that you are thankful. It shouldn't be something that goes unsaid or not shown.

6.) Listen Actively

It is truly critical that you listen to your spouse's feelings. When you actively listen, you'll begin to really understand your spouse in a deeper way.

7.) Support Your Spouse's Ideas

The feeling of support will help your spouse feel loved. Support in words and actions.

Try these tips and encourage your spouse to do the same and watch how your relationship progress into a more loving marriage.

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Joy and Blessings!

Anita Powell

#1 Life/Marriage Coach

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