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15 Healthy Habits that Married Couples Do

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Hello, Good People! Thank you so much for stopping by and we hope that our marriage advice blog posts are a blessing to you. As we know each relationship is different and the status of a relationship is based on the two individuals involved.

What are your relationship habits? How are you contributing to your marriage? hmm.... something for us all to think about.

Here are 15 healthy habits that married couples do:

1.) They spend quality time together.

2.) They do nice things for each other.

3.) They show gratitude daily. They are not afraid to say thank you.

4.) They strike up small talk daily.

5.) They resolve conflicts as mature adults.

6.) They date on a regular basis.

7.) They kiss often.

8.) They caress each other often.

9.) They forgive often.

10.) They have fun together.

11.) They compliment more than criticize.

12.) They pray together.

13.) They financially build together.

14.) They support each other.

15.) They work together as a team in marriage. Remember team means: Together Everyone Achieves More! :-)

I encourage all married couples to make these tips an every day habit.

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Alright Loves, until next time.....

Joy and Blessings!

Anita Powell

#1 Life/Marriage Coach

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