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5 Things to Avoid Doing in Your Marriage

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

In Marriage it takes work, but happy couples will tell you how well worth it, it is.

Here are 5 things to avoid doing in your marriage:

1. Criticizing Your Spouse - Constant nagging and bad mouthing your spouse is never a good thing. This is the quickest way to find yourself alone.

2. Being in Love with Your Phone, TV and Computer - Have you ever been talking to someone and you find them constantly scrolling through their phone or moving their head so they won't miss what's going on, on the TV? It makes you feel like you're not important, huh? Be careful of the amount of time you spend scrolling your phone and computer and flipping through the television channels and not spending valuable time with your spouse and family. Be sure to connect.

3. Pushing Problems Under the Rug - No one has a perfect marriage and all marriages have conflicts, but pushing your problems under the rug is an absolute no, no. Ignoring issues is like filling a closet full of dynamite; it's going to blow! Good communication is key. Listen to each other and express your concerns respectfully.

4. Keeping Secrets - At times a person will keep a secret they feel their spouse won't like, but if you deep down inside know that you should be honest about a situation, you should share it with your spouse. Your spouse would probably appreciate you telling him/her versus finding out through other sources. Besides keeping secrets can lead to stress, depression and even lead to a failed marriage. The only secrets that should be kept are Birthday and Anniversary gifts. (wink)

5. Spending More Money than You Have - Money is always a reason at the top of a list for divorce. Avoid spending money you simply don't have. It's unfair to your spouse to spend money you don't have because the hole you dig for you, you both end up falling in. Create a budget together and monitor your cash flow. Spend wisely.

Listen, if you find yourself doing any of the above and know you need coaching to improve. Don't wait any longer, click here for a free session and let's talk.

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Until next time....

Joy and Blessings!

Anita Powell

Life/Marriage Coach

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