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Why I Love Creating Vision Boards and Why Women Who Are Serious About Success Should Too

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Hello World! So, I hosted another Vision Board Party and we had an AWESOME time! I've been hosting vision board parties for about three years now and to see how attendees are filled with inspiration, excitement and motivation to get their plan of action in place to reach their goals is AMAZING! I Love creating vision boards the old fashioned way, but before I go into why, let me share exactly what a vision board is. A vision board is a powerful visualization tool that you can use as inspiration for your journey towards your ideal life. A vision board is also known as a treasure map, dream board or vision map.

There are many ways to make a vision board, but I prefer creating my board the old fashioned way with cutting out images, inspirational quotes and words from magazines and gluing them on to my board. Taking a day and collaging the day away. By creating my vision board this way; I feel a since of deeper connection from within.


I Love working with women who are serious about their lives and have a "no excuse" mindset.

Why women who are serious about succeeding in life should create a vision board:

1. Clarity - A vision board will give you clarity on identifying what you like and will define for you what your goal looks like.

2. Reminder - hanging your board somewhere you'll be able to see it daily can help you stay focused on what you wish to accomplish.

3. Create a Plan in Mind - when you create a vision board, you are creating a plan in mind and this can help you to plan ways you will achieve your goals.

Doing your part, you will see manifestation!

"Plan your work and work your plan."

~ Napoleon Hill ~

We had an awesome night of Creativity, Food, Fun and Fellowship!

More pictures.......

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Joy and Blessings!

Anita Powell

Life & Marriage Coach

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