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10 Ways to Value Your Marriage

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

When marriage is mentioned, the first thing people think of is hard or hard work. I've thought it before too. Happy marriages shouldn't be hard work. While many relationship experts say couples should focus on fixing the problems, I say from my research that couples should focus on adding positive habits to the relationship to have a greater impact on couples' happiness and value in marriage.

Here are 10 Ways to Value Your Marriage:

1. Make Time for Small Talk Daily - Spend Quality time Together - Ask about each other's day. Catch up. Use this time to solely reconnect. No phones, no television, no computers, laptops, but just the two of you to reconnect and refresh.

2. Take Care of Yourself - Work on you Spiritually, Emotionally and Physically. Taking care of you both inwardly and outwardly is a way of expressing love to yourself and to your spouse.

3. Enjoy Each Other - I know people reference marriage to being hard work. I've said it too. But it shouldn't always be struggling and striving and at each other just to make it work, but marriage should be Enjoyable. I believe Marriage is meant to be fun and exciting. Most couples refer to their spouse as their best friend, right? So, if this is true, you should be enjoying each other rather than just struggling through to make it work.

4. Be Committed - It is so easy to just up and walk away, but when you said, "I do." Did you really mean what you said? Being committed basically means that you don't look to divorce or have a plan B, but the only plan is to build the marriage you both desire to have. A faithful, honest, fun and loving Marriage is Good.

5. Enjoy Your Friends - Having girls night out and guys time out are important for emotional health. Give your spouse your blessings to enjoy that special time away from you. And you enjoy your "me time" doing what you want. It will make you both appreciate each other more.

6. Always Express Your True Feelings - Good Communication is key. Be Open. Be honest. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Listen to each other completely without interrupting. Consider each other's feelings.

7. Be Grateful - Try to remember all the things you both do in the relationship and the family. Be sure to show and tell one another how much you appreciate each other. Always give thanks. Acknowledge the good and let your spouse know that you see and you are grateful for him/her.

8. Avoid Losing You - Invest time in Doing what You Love. Simple. When You are Fulfilled, Your Spouse benefits from this too.

9. Apologize When You're Wrong - Get rid of the pride. If you realize you are wrong in an argument, admit it and apologize. It will make a world of difference in terms of remaining close in your relationship and valuing your marriage.

10. Go to Bed Together - I know after years of marriage, you may find yourself on different schedules or routines, but you should hit the hay together. Cuddle and even consider small talk in bed. It builds a sense of togetherness and intimacy.

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Alright Loves, until next Time! Hugs and Love.

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Joy and Blessings,

Anita Powell

Certified Life and Marriage Coach | Speaker|

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