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8 Things a Woman Should Do Before Getting Married

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Ladies, growing up, I'm sure we have all imagined what our life would look like married with children. Once reality hit, I realized, there are some things women should do before getting married.

Here are 8 Things a Woman Should Do Before Getting Married

1. Love and Appreciate Yourself More - Women are always busy doing other things and wearing many hats, that we tend to forget to appreciate our hard work. It's also important to learn to be alone and content without feeling lonely. Love Who You Are. Learn to identify some of your fears and do what's necessary to overcome them.

2. Focus on Your Education - If you want a degree, focus on accomplishing this. Yes, even after marriage you may desire to further your education and that is completely understandable as education is a forever learning process. The thing is, it's so much easier to accomplish before starting a family which brings major responsibilities.

3. Learn to Stop Sharing Your Relationship Details with Others - I know when you first start dating, you may tell details to your friends and family about your new significant other. But when your relationship develops into a more serious relationship, get in the habit of protecting your relationship. When you get mad, avoid calling your friends and family, avoid the Facebook rants shaming your significant other. Once you marry, your marriage is sacred and what goes on in your marriage should definitely stay between you and your spouse. The less others know about your private relationship, the better off you'll be.

4. Build Up Your Emergency Savings - Yes, growing financially together as a couple is an absolute great thing to do, but also, always have something for you and do this before marriage. Build your stash. I know, I know husbands are supposed to be the provider. I get it. However, women, you must understand that if every bank account is in your husband's name, you will be left with nothing without him. Even if you two decide that you will be a stay at home wife, turn your passion into profit and maintain your credit. We don't promote divorce, but sadly it happens and many times, I've seen divorced women left with nothing and are left with having to move back home with parents. This is reality. Real stuff.

5. Do Something You've Always Wanted to Do - If you've always wanted to do some type of sky thrill like zip lining, now is the time! Explore! Travel!

6. Face How You truly Feel about Children - Children in my eyes are such a blessing, but I've come to understand that not everyone desire to have children. Having children will indeed change your life forever. Discuss this with your significant other. If children are already involved, discuss how you will work together blending a family.

7. Get Your Mind, Body and Soul in Shape - Take time out for yourself daily. Meditation, prayer, spiritual nurture. Focus on getting in shape and exercising, Healthier eating habits and when you desire to eat whatever you want, you can do this. A part of loving you is taking care of you.

8. Learn to Cook - Yes, Ladies! This is something all women should know to do even if marriage is not in the picture. You're learning to take care of yourself. And when special occasions come, you can prepare your best dish. And when the time comes for marriage, you'll know how to cook for your man. You know what they say about cooking a good meal for your man. (Wink)

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Until next time, hugs and love.

Joy and Blessings,

Anita Powell

Certified Life and Marriage Coach

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