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5 Things to Discuss Before Your Vows

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

We see couples all the time so excited about their big wedding day. They have the best wedding planner and have their honeymoon all planned, but what about after the wedding and the honeymoon? Are you really ready for marriage? Yes, once you say "I do" you have made a covenant to share life with your spouse. You will begin to learn new things about your spouse that you were not aware of and let the truth be told, you'll be learning things even years later. But listen, there are certain things that should be discussed before marriage openly and honestly.

Here are 5 things you should discuss Before Your Vows:







Finance is usually a subject many don't discuss in the early stage of the relationship. This is still a delicate subject to those that are in a more stable commitment, however, a lot of questions should be asked regarding each other's finances. How the two sees and prioritize financial choices made. Most of the time, people bring their own belief system from their childhood into the relationship. It's important to know one another's payment system towards their debts, retirement plans, emergency fund and other payments. This is a very important financial commitment that would take both to cooperate in order to ensure togetherness within the relationship.


This may seem to be a simple matter for those that are not really practicing any type of religion so they may not see any importance in this area within the marriage. However, for those that do practice a type of religion, it is important for both parties to have an understanding and be on one accord. This is important for the well being of the marriage and future children the couple intend to have.


Children are a blessing, but raising children is a very big task. It's very wise to explore this particular platform before your vows. Both parties should discuss their childhood and how they were raised. Any drama or abuse from their childhood. How many children are desired. When to start trying for children. And if either party already have children and any unresolved issues with the other parent, this should be discussed and resolved to assure both parties are willing to work together as a blended family.


Communication is very important to establish early on in the relationship. Being able to communicate openly and freely gives the couple a chance to be honest and forthcoming with their own thoughts and feelings within the relationship.


Expectations should be discussed early on in the relationship. This will allow both parties to be aware of what each other expect so they can decide if they can be part of such expectations or if they prefer to move on to another relationship more fitting to their desires. Date with purpose.

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