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Our 7 Daily Action Steps to a Better Marriage

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

Marriage is unique. And it's meant for a couple to enjoy each other, to love deeply, learn and grow together, build together, leave a legacy for children and grandchildren and most importantly, it's a spiritual discipline designed to help you know God better.

Our 7 Daily Action Steps to a Better Marriage:

1. Attend Church weekly together. Serve Together.

2. We will not be a part of anything that could affect our marriage in a negative way.

3. We will always seek God for direction and in times of need.

4. We will pray together daily and fast together often.

5. We will make decisions based on Biblical Principles.

6. We will spend quality time together including date nights often.

7. We will encourage and uplift each other.

What are you committed to doing daily or weekly to better your marriage?

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Joy and Blessings,

Anita Powell

Certified Life and Marriage Coach | Inspirational Speaker|


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Rod Odel
Rod Odel
Apr 03, 2022

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