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Inspirational Messages:

“Anita, this message was pure and stimulating. The lecture was encouraging to what seems to be a dying union in marriage. I loved your honesty and transparency.”

~ Angela A. 


“I absolutely would recommend this message. The most usable success strategy was learning to use your pain for purpose. I just love being in a room of beautiful and powerful women. Anita, thank you for the word and sharing your testimony.”

~ Ewea P. 

“Being a woman who has never been married, this message encouraged me and gave me insight into the responsibilities and duties in a Godly marriage as a woman. The most usable strategy I gained from this message is the knowledge of marriage and responsibilities in the spirit and natural.”

~ Paula G. 

Premarital Coaching Program

 "I really enjoyed the premarital sessions with the Powell's. I would recommend this program to others." 

 ~ Rico P.

  " I really enjoyed all the sessions.  The best part for me was the fact that everything was backed by scripture. I would recommend     this program to others." 

 ~ Lakesha T.

" After our session, I felt very knowledgeable and efficient information. Also, it gave us a better understanding of the DO's and DON'Ts in marriage." 

~ Keith M.

"My biggest learning tool was being open and honest about myself and my past to form a better connection in marriage. After our session, it made me feel confident on our new journey. I have learned effective ways to build our relationship more."

~ Sharla R.

Vision Board Workshop:

“The Vision Board Workshop was very Inspirational. It added direction and an opportunity to regroup and refocus. The time spent with other leading ladies helped empower me in a peaceful environment, allowing me to leave feeling confident and ready to succeed!"

~ Moriah T.

"This was my first vision board party and I truly enjoyed the experience. This party gave me the opportunity to gather my thoughts and plan for my future endeavors."

~Leslie D.

"I would like to say that this was my first vision board party! I teach vision, walk in the vision in which Elohim has given me, but it's good to write the vision, cut it and paste it. I love the Whole concept of not only seeing the vision but developing the action plan. Anita was a great host and she fed me, so I will be coming to the next one! :)"

~Renee S.

"After the vision board session, I felt really good about myself. I learned what I want to do and how to achieve my goals."

~Christina B.


"The vision board workshop was a new experience for me personally. This motivated my husband and I to work towards what we have been trying to reach for years. This board is on our bedroom wall. Every time we look at it, it reminds us and show us what we have accomplished so far.”
~ Jacquelyn J. 

“It was a great session that was very informative as well as beneficial to me to help me focus on my total being. I also like that we did a vision chart to help me organize in every area of my life, such as finance, health and home life. Anita is a very good coach that presented the materials.”
~ Annette J. 

Classes & Sessions:

" I have been married 17 years. It is always a blessing to refresh. Anita talked about things I forgot about or had started to ignore. I feel revived and know that there are things I can improve upon within myself."

~ Tawana G. 

"I've been thinking about giving up on my marriage because of some reason, but now after the session with Anita, it is confirmation of what my First Lady had already been speaking to me about. The devil knows my thoughts so he uses his (10)tactics (discussed in this class) to push me further away from what God placed - (My Marriage)."


"I loved that Anita shared the tactics of the enemy against marriage. I saw 5 of 10 that came into my relationship and we did not know how to fight against. We blamed each other, we were selfish, one wanted one thing and myself another thing. There were secrets we did not know how to communicate due to embarrassment."

~ Moriah T. 

"Very informal. Great information. That even when hearing someone who has been married for 25 years. There were trials and for her to share with us from own experiences, to share her past brokenness, and not act as if it's been wonderful always."

~ Valerie B. 

Marriage Counseling:

"I want to start off with this, although James is my old childhood friend, when I came to him about my marriage problems, he was  fair and straight to the point. He opened some doors for passage for our marriage and I recommend anyone that if you need some straight forward advice and you don't already have that strong mentor, come to Pastor James Powell. Also, he & wife are a great tag team." 

~Darrell T. 

Why is Anita a Great Coach to Work With?


"Nita is real and authentic! When speaking, she openly shares her own personal story with gripping transparency that is designed to catapult the listener to a place of clarity within their own walk of life. Graceful, dynamic, simply groovetastic!"

~Dr. Maricia Sherman   


"Anita is an excellent Life Coach. She excels in helping her clients to achieve their goals. Anita has an inviting personality which makes it easy to communicate and open up about life's problems. Anita is one of the most driven coaches I have come across in all my years in the coaching industry. I've truly enjoyed Anita as a coach and student (c/o 2015). If you are looking for a coach that will hold you accountable, encourage, and support your vision and goals, Anita is the coach for you! I highly recommend Anita Powell for coaching services.”
~Ayisha Amatullah,  CCT, CTC, MRC, CLC   

Anita's Certifications

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