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What would your life look like if you truly believed that anything you desired in life was possible?

Hello Beautiful. I am Anita, I help generation-x and millennial wives overcome adversities, vision build, and slay personal and business goals while taking care of home. I empower wives who want to be the best version of themselves and make a change in the world. 

Have you lost touch with who you are, but desire to rediscover your purpose?

Do you dream of starting a business but have no idea where to start?

When your dream is divine, no matter what your dream is - it is completely 100% possible to achieve. You know how I know this? The Most High will never gift you an impossible dream. Doubting yourself can end today. You can do it. Are you ready to make it happen?

Inner Me Life Coaching with Anita. I work with Wives: 

  • Who are ready to crush self limiting beliefs, doubts, and fears.

  • Who are ready to heal girlfriend on the inside for-real and reclaim life. 

  • Who are ready to up-level: big dreams, career changes, communication, relationships, launch businesses, authenticity, true forgiveness, mindset, and boundaries. 

  • Who are about that life in making things happen - NO-Excuse Mindset. 

To sum it all up - My idea women to work with are wives who have been through many adversities in life, but have a no-excuse mindset, and are ready to get clear about who they are, what they really want in life, and rewrite their story. 

If this describes you, then I truly believe that our joining forces will be the catalyst that drive you into the future you've been dreaming of. 

Transformation doesn't happen overnight. It takes time to experience true freedom, happiness, and success. I know from experience. I don't just serve my clients, I've been there and done that. 

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This Program is for you if :

  • You are ready to take responsibility and own your life

  • You know deep down inside that you are a leader but something is missing

  • You no longer desire to be a people pleaser and ready to live your life 

  • You want whole healing 

  • You want a complete mindset shift 

  • You want fulfilling relationships in your life - personal and business 

Sessions are done via phone, online video conference or in person.

Option to purchase private sessions - four, eight or twelve sessions.

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes per session. Weekly or bi-weekly can be scheduled. 

Inner Me Life Coaching with Anita can also be scheduled as a 4 week group program.

Experience the benefits; true freedom, happiness, prosperity, and peaceful living as the Creator has designed for Us!

FREEDOM - True freedom is found when you stop trying to become the person others want you to be and start "becoming" the person You are designed to be. 

Experience the Power of.... 

  • Having a Vision for your life

  • Gaining Clarity and Balance

  • Living Your Divine Purpose and Passions

  • Eliminating Limiting Beliefs 

  • Embracing Your Truth 

Inner Me Life Coaching with Anita will help you do just that!

Get Started Today!

"It All Starts From Within."

 -Anita Powell-

 Apply for a Clarity Session. 

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