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3 Ways to Overcoming Toxic In-Laws

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

I encounter many women and I always find myself talking, answering questions and giving advice on various issues such as dealing with toxic in-laws on a regular basis. Although we all are different and no couple is the same, we experience a lot of the same issues. In this article, I am sharing 3 proven valuable ways to overcoming toxic in-laws. How do I know? Because years ago I, myself used these same strategies and I've also shared with women that have provided me with positive feedback after implementing these strategies.

So, what makes an in-law toxic? Here are a few common signs:

  • They intentionally try to make you feel bad - They'll do and say things to hurt you and get under your skin.

  • They try to include themselves in your decision making as a couple - such as when to have a child, buying a home, or relocating. They want to cast their vote as if it should be included in your decision making.

  • They tune you out - ignore you at family functions as if you are non existent.

  • They gossip about you when you're not around - talking about you to other family members, friends, church members and anyone who will listen.

  • They try to turn you and your spouse against each other - They will use the he said, she said game bringing negativity into your relationship which will cause unnecessary chaos.

  • They will blame you for any decision your spouse makes - Although it may be a decision your spouse decided, you'll still be the blame.

  • They are controlling and difficult to deal with - they want you to do what they want regardless of what you desire for your own life and family.

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, keep reading......

First, I want you to stop questioning yourself about why don't they like you. The issue is not you. The issue lies within the toxic person or people. Toxic in-laws are self centered. They are preoccupied with what they want, what they need and what they feel. The world must revolve around them.

So, how do you overcome?

Here are 3 Proven Ways:

1. Shift Your Focus: Shift it away from what your in-laws are doing, have done and possibly will do. Focus on what you can do for you!

Take some time each day for you. This is your journey, focus on what brings you peace and operate in wisdom on everything you do.

2. Set Strong Boundaries: Only you can decide what is and isn't acceptable for you. You have every right to protect your emotional and physical health, to be treated with respect, to raise your children without interference, to make mistakes, to express your own beliefs, feeling and values.

3. Protect Your Marriage: See, the Bible instructs us to become of one flesh for a reason after marriage. Read Genesis 2:24. You two shall work together in everything you do. Make decisions together as a couple for you two and your children guilt free and I say guilt free because toxic in-laws will try to make you feel bad about decisions you make for your life and family. Your decision making should be only between you two, not your mother, father, sisters and brothers , cousins, etc.

If you want to dive deeper into resolving this issue in your life and marriage and work with me one on one, apply for a free clarity session here and let's get started!

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Until Next Time.......

Joy and Blessings!

Anita Powell

Life Strategist |Wife & Marriage Coach | Inspirational Speaker

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